Delta Rocket launches Pathfinder with Sojourner from Earth

Airbag Landing- from animation
Sojourner on Mars-from animation
Sojourner close up- on Earth
Sojourner on lander-from Mars-first picture
Martian Landscape-from Mars-first pictures
Martian Landscape-from Mars-first pictures
Mars Rocks seen from Lander-from Mars:Barnacle Bill-left, Yogi-right
Sojourner leaves lander-from Mars
Sojourner explores Mars-from Mars
Sojourner examines Barnacle Bill-from Mars
Sojourner turns in Place-from Mars
First Pan-a section with Sojourner in color-from Mars
Sojourner "crashes" into Yogi
Sojourner examines Yogi (at right)
First Section, Giant Color Pan. You can print and join all 5 sections!
Second Section, Giant Color Pan of landing site
Third Section, Giant Color Pan, shows Sojourner examining Yogi
Fourth Section, Giant Color Pan, Sojourner at far left
Fifth Section, Giant Color Pan
Martian Sunset
Thinky's Old Rover Collection- This crew never made it to the Red Planet!