Some Mars Facts:

1) Mars is the fourth known planet from the sun. It is about half the size of the Earth.

2) Mars was once thought to have canals but these turned out to be optical illusions (tricks of the eye.)

3) A few scientists believe there is a "Face" on mars left over from an ancient civilization. Most disagree.

4) Most scientists have an open mind on whether or not primitive life ever existed on Mars.

5) Mars has two moons: Deimos and Phobos.

6) Mars is tilted on its axis much like the Earth and has four seasons. A Martian year is 687 Earth days or 668.6 Martian     days.

7) The polar caps of Mars grow and shrink with the seasons. The north pole is thought to be frozen ice and the south,      frozen carbon dioxide (a gas).

8) Mars is covered with both asteroid impact and volcanic craters.

9) Mars has the largest volcano known to exist in the solar system: Olympus Mons.

10) Mars has a canyon many times larger than the Grand Canyon.

11) Mars rovers are trying to determine if liquid water was ever abundant on the planet. This would show that primitive       life might have been possible.