ThinkyGear- First Item!

A Robot, A Mechanical Rat, A Snake...Let your kids watch them come alive as they learn reading skills!

The pictures in Thinky's web book are from his first movie. You can order the complete: Thinky Mars Probe in "Looking for Mr. Snake" -26 minutes-on VHS video in color with music, sound effects, and spoken dialogue. Produced and directed by award winning film maker, Jerome Hamlin (SpacePlayers, Season of Fire, Cry of the Indri) who also created the award winning web site: and invented the world's first computer controlled domestic robot: ComRoI! This innovative video, first in the Thinky Reader / Explorer series, includes a side scrolling text that prompts your child to read along at a target pace. The 12 minute story is repeated twice, first with the characters speaking their dialogue as the text "walks" across the bottom of the screen, then with the speech turned off in a text only mode so the child is prompted to read the dialogue aloud as the story progresses. By watching the program more than once, kid's get so they can read the dialogue aloud at the pace of the story- a nifty self-motivating reading accelerator as part of a fun video. The video includes many more scenes than could be presented in the web book.

To order you can:

1) Send check or money order made out to Third Wave Media for $15 to Third Wave Media, 290 Taconic Rd., Greenwich Ct. 06831. Don't forget your address!

2) Click here and print out the form that appears, then mail or fax that form with credit card information. Our FAX is 203-869-7467. Cost is $15 each. You must include card number, expiration date, and name on card. Your email address might be useful in case of problems.
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