Thinky and the rhinos

There are two kinds of rhino in Africa; the Black rhino and the White rhino. The two pictured above are White rhino, distinguished not by their color, but by their wide front lip. The eyesight of the rhino is poor, so it relies on its keen senses of smell and hearing. Rhino will charge their enemies using their sharp horns to defend themselves. Rhino are solitary animals, only coming together for mating. A rhino establishes a territory of up to thirty square miles. It feeds on leaves, shoots, and buds of a variety of bushes and trees. An adult rhino can weigh from two thousand and two hundred pounds to three thousand and five hundred pounds. At birth the young calf weighs up to ninety pounds. The calf will stay with the mother for up to three years. Rhino are both dangerous and endangered animals, particularly the Black rhino, which is more aggressive than the White, but whose numbers are declining more rapidly.